The new Regional Governor Stefko Burdzhiev was welcomed by his predecessor Plamen Stoilov

Thu 17 Nov 2011

The new Regional Governor of Ruse Region was officially welcomed at the entrance of the administration’s building by his predecessor and present Mayor of Ruse Mr. Plamen Stoilov. Greetings to the newly appointed Governor were given also by the Chairman of the Municipal council - docent Vasil Penchev.

Mr. Burdzhiev was welcomed with copper full of water and wild geranium, to make his work smoother. The former Governor Mr. Stoilov led the newly appointed to the 4th floor of the building where is Ruse Regional Administration. There Mr. Burdzhiev by old Bulgarian tradition was welcomed with bread, honey and salt. The Mayor Mr. Plamen Stoilov introduced part of his new team – Daniela Shilkova, Ivan Grigorov, Strahil Karapchanski and Dimitar Genkov, who all worked in Ruse Regional Administration before.

After he shook hands with each and every servant in the Regional Administration, who welcomed him in the hall, the new Regional Governor entered his cabinet for the first time. There in the presence of the media he received from the Mayor Plamen Stoilov a silver icon of St. George and a golden badge of Ruse municipality with the wish to continue to work for the rise of the prestige of the administration. On his turn Mr. Burdzhiev thanked and informed that he returned to his home town with the intention to work as a team. He assured Mr. Stoilov that in his work he will stake on succession.

„I feel more at home than at work, because I know this administration for 20 years. I’m returning, because I feel that I have the strength to help our town and Ruse municipality.”, said the new Regional Governor.




Regional Administration of Ruse
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