European experts were acquainted with Airport Ruse

Tue 14 Jun 2011

Experts from six European countries arrived in Ruse for a meeting of the Working Group "Regional airports" to the Assembly of European Regions / AER. The city was host of  a forum on the initiative of  the Regional Governor Plamen Stoilov. The main thematic focus of themeeting was the concession of AirportRuse.The forum gave opportunity for presenting the characteristics of AirportRusetotheforeign partners and in particular to learnfrom their experience in implementing projects of similar scale.

For guests, representatives of regional administrations in Europe, managing regional airports was organized avisit to the airport complex. In thepress conference that took place there, along with the guests from Europe joined MP Plamen Nunevfrom Ruse, the Regional Governor Plamen Stoilov and his deputy Peter Daskalov.

"The documents ofthis concession procedure are free and can be obtainedfrom any potential investor,"said Mr.Nunev. He added that all the data and presentation of AirportRusearelocated on the website of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology. The deadline is 15 June, but it is possible to beextended. "This will remove obstacles from the previous two concession procedures that have failed more than two years  ago due to the heavy concessional terms. However, there is interest, "said the MP.

Inhisturn, the Regional Governor Plamen Stoilov said that the realizationof the concession is also closely linked with the terrain of the Ministry of Defence, which is adjacent to the airport and has a good infrastructure. It is an area of ​​2000 hectares. In the words of Mr. Stoilov the concession ofthe airport can have a very strong multiplier effect not only on the development of all sectors of the economy of Ruse and its neighboring regions, but also on the development of adjacent areas in Romania.

"The location is excellent for building a regional airport," said Paul Dimel, adviser to the Assembly of European Regions on regional airports.

The manager of Airport Ruse Ltd Mr. NikolayGorchev informed that the estimated amount for its constructionis about 40 millionBGN.




Regional Administration of Ruse
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