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Mon 28 Mar 2011 / Building Concession with main subject         Sat 19 Mar 2011 / RUSE AIRPORT BULDING CONCESSION ANNOUNCEMENT         Thu 06 Jan 2011 / Информационен бюлетин         Thu 30 Dec 2010 / Актуализиран документ за изпълнение на Областната стратегия за разви         Thu 30 Dec 2010 / Междинна оценка на Областна стратегия за развитие на Област Русе         Thu 30 Dec 2010 / ОБЛАСТЕН УПРАВИТЕЛ НА ОБЛАСТ РУСЕ ОБЯВЯВА КОНКУРС ЗА ДЛЪЖНОСТТА МЛАД?         Thu 30 Dec 2010 / ОБЛАСТЕН УПРАВИТЕЛ НА ОБЛАСТ РУСЕ ОБЯВЯВА КОНКУРС ЗА ДЛЪЖНОСТТА НАЧА?         Thu 30 Dec 2010 / Удължаване на срока за подаване на проектни предложения по две процед        
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the website of Ruse Regional Administration! I hope that your stay in the virtual space of Ruse Region will answer your questions! Here you will have the opportunity to inform yourself about the population and the geographical characteristics of the region, about the infrastructure and the transportation, as well as to get acquainted in detail with the eight municipalities in the district. In the website you will also find the latest news on the activities of the Regional Administration and information about our services. We’ve tried this website to be convenient and useful. Our wish is the site to ease the connection between the citizens and the Administration and to make our work transparent and accessible to you. I hope that we have achieved our goal! I wish you fruitful minutes in our virtual space!




Regional Administration of Ruse
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